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Position Papers

Eurogas Welcomes New Member: Air Products

Air Products, world leader in the production of hydrogen and key player on the industrial gases market, recently joined Eurogas. What are Air Products’ ambitions

Eurogas Welcomes New Member: Greenture

Greenture is the subsidiary of  Snam (the Italian gas TSO) that develops merchant infrastructures for new decarbonised molecules (biomethane and bio-LNG, green hydrogen and CO2).

Eurogas Welcomes New Member: DVGW

A European perspective on sustainable and safe energy supply Europe’s energy supply is to be independent, diversified and climate neutral. While the climate goals of

Eurogas Welcomes New Member: Westport Fuel Systems

Nadège Leclercq, Senior Director, Government Relations and Market Development, Westport Fuel Systems Westport Fuel Systems (“Westport”) is a clean transportation technology company, and a leading