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Purpose & values


Eurogas accelerates the transition to climate neutrality through dialogue and advocacy on optimising the use of gases.

To do this Eurogas focuses on:

  • Actively contributing to a robust, efficient and increasingly decarbonised European gas market,
  • Highlighting the role of gases and gas infrastructure in providing storage, flexibility to reach climate ambitions,
  • Creating high quality non-seasonal jobs,
  • Supporting EU industry’s competitiveness,
  • Enhancing security of supply,
  • Delivering benefits to consumers and addressing energy poverty,
  • Improving energy efficiency, contributing to GHG emissions reductions, and the development of renewable and low carbon gases, ensuring a just transition.


Science and evidence-based dialogue with and respect for the voice of all climate and energy stakeholders.
A Just Transition through a credible pathway to EU 2030 and 2050 targets.
Diversity and Inclusion in the energy sector.


The overarching objective of Eurogas is to strengthen the role of gases in a sustainable, competitive and increasingly decarbonised EU energy market by:

  • Helping to improve knowledge of gases and their use in Europe, including its performance and benefits.
  • Supporting information exchange on gas issues of general interest with stakeholders.
  • Promoting the development of gaseous fuels and feedstock through studies in legal, economic, technical and scientific fields.
  • Promoting the smooth functioning of the internal gas market and, within its field of competence, any activity that may contribute to sustainable development in Europe.
  • Taking positions on relevant EU legislative and political issues vis-à-vis European institutions and other stakeholders.