Eurogas accelerates the transition to climate neutrality through dialogue and advocacy on optimising the use of gases

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Eurogas is an association of 77 companies and associations. Our members cover gas wholesale and retail gas markets, and the distribution of natural gas, biomethane and hydrogen. We also work with companies active on gases for vehicles, and on value chain methane emissions management.

Eurogas accelerates the transition to carbon neutrality through dialogue and advocacy about optimising the use of gases

Our core values are:


Our Priorities

Eurogas works to accelerate the energy transition through dialogue and advocacy on optimising the role of gases. We’re focused on the following priorities:

Carbon neutrality

We’re committed to 55% emissions reductions by 2030 and aim to achieve a fully carbon neutral gas system soon after 2045.

Climate leadership

Europe has a chance become a global leader in climate mitigation technologies and to create jobs and wealth.

A Just Transition

Eurogas welcomes the ambition of the European Green Deal and its climate targets. We want to help ensure that no workers, consumers or businesses are left behind.

A market for all gases

In recent years, the EU gas market reached a point where it is one of the most liquid energy markets in the world.

Future-proof infrastructure

Existing gas infrastructure can support the deployment of renewable and low carbon gases.

Sector integration

Eurogas supports smart sector integration including joint gas and electricity planning. Smart sector integration should cover the interaction between energy vectors.

The Twin Energy-Digital Transition

As well as helping to address issues like value chain methane emissions, digitalisation will lead to more active energy customers.

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april 2024

18aprAll DayEurogas Annual Conference 'Achieving the EU 2040 climate target: The role of gaseous energy'Brussels

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I am delighted to share insights on the legislative process of decarbonization at the @Eurogas_Eu Annual Regional Conference.
Thank you for the invitation!


📜 Eurogas welcomes the Commission's proposal for Projects of Common Interest.

Increased focus is placed on gaseous infrastructure compared to previous years. Of these, #hydrogen features prominently & CO2 sequestration projects have more than doubled.

Jerónimo Cunha, Director of the 🇵🇹 DG for Energy & Geology, closed #ARCLisboa23 with a speech.

🇵🇹 is at the front of the #energytransition.

Keys will be:
🔑Sustainable decarbonisation through #renewablegases
🔑Balance of speed & caution
🔑Regulation that develops new markets

🟢The second panel of the day spoke about the transition to #renewable & #lowcarbon gases.

🔎In order to scale these alternatives up so they can play a role in the energy sector's decarbonisation, we need to create the infrastructure & provide incentives for investors & workers.

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