About us

About us

Our Association

Eurogas is the association representing gaseous energy in Europe. We lead the sector’s transition to climate neutrality through dialogue with stakeholders and policymakers, so that gas can be effectively used for the decarbonisation of Europe’s energy sector.

Established in 1990, Eurogas now has over one hundred members across Europe and the world. We are active throughout the gas sector value chain, including renewable and low-carbon gases, their derivatives and carbon capture utilisation and storage. Our members cover wholesale and retail gas markets, the distribution of gaseous energies and the use of gas in transport. We also represent technology providers including companies active on value chain methane emissions management.

Eurogas is a member-led organisation. With various committees, taskforces, and informal working groups, our members have the opportunity to shape the association’s positions on key developments, obtain EU-level information, share information gathered at national level, and organise advocacy for the sector.

Our Goals

Eurogas focuses on:

Actively contributing to a robust, efficient and increasingly decarbonised European gas market.

Highlighting the role of gases and gas infrastructure in providing storage, flexibility to reach climate ambitions.

Improving energy efficiency, contributing to GHG emissions reductions, and the development of renewable and low carbon gases, ensuring a just transition.

Creating high quality non-seasonal jobs.

Supporting EU industry’s competitiveness.

Enhancing security of supply.

Delivering benefits to consumers and addressing energy poverty.

Our Values

At the heart of Eurogas’ mission lie its core values, which encompass a commitment to fostering science and evidence-based dialogue while respecting the perspectives of diverse climate and energy stakeholders. Eurogas additionally advocates for a Just Transition, championing diversity and inclusion within the energy sector, and recognising the importance of equitable representation and participation in shaping the future of energy policies and practices.

Our Work

To reach these organisational goals, Eurogas strives to:

Improve knowledge of gases and their uses in Europe and support the exchange of related information with stakeholders.

Promote the smooth functioning of the internal market for gas, as well as any activity that may contribute to its sustainable development in Europe.

Promote and benefit from the development of gaseous fuels.

Take positions on relevant EU legislative and political issues vis-à-vis European institutions and other stakeholders.