A just transition

A Just Transition for Workers

The Just Transition is about mitigating social and economic challenges arising from the shift towards renewable and low carbon energy sources. This should aim to foster new, sustainable employment prospects by maximising opportunities for retraining, reskilling and upskilling.

At Eurogas, we believe that the Energy Transition and Just Transition are inseparable, and that people should be involved at every stage in the process to a cleaner future.

For this reason, we are proud to participate in EU initiatives such as the Pact for Skills and in the European Sectoral Social Dialogue for Gas along with our social partners, the trade union associations EPSU and IndustriAll Europe, as well as the European Commission.

We remain firmly committed to this social dialogue, and we are currently pursuing possible interest amongst our members in a code of conduct. This would establish best practice and mechanisms for upskilling and training workers.

A Just Transition for Consumers

As decarbonisation proceeds, the role and behaviour of gas consumers are likely to undergo significant changes. By considering consumers in our efforts, we can ensure that the transition to a low-carbon future is not only economically feasible but also fair and beneficial for all those who rely on gas for their energy needs.

Eurogas supports the establishment of a clear framework for protecting these consumers, while also preparing them for the transformations that decarbonisation will bring.

We put this perspective into practice, having signed the renewal of joint common principles for enhanced consumer protection to assist consumers particularly ahead of the winter season. 

Gender Equality in the Gas Sector

Eurogas also recognises the importance of ensuring equal opportunities and representation for all genders within the gas sector.

By fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce, we can harness the full potential of our industry while promoting social equity and economic prosperity. We are proud of our gender-balanced team and uphold gender equality in our events.

Benefits of the Just Transition on the Sector

Investing in the Just Transition offers numerous advantages for the gas sector.

  • By prioritising workers’ well-being through training and job creation, the sector can enhance productivity and drive innovation.
  • Consumer protection measures and transparent communication foster trust and loyalty, while addressing social impacts reduces risks and garners community support.
  • Promoting gender equality ensures access to diverse talent and perspectives, supports positive regulatory standards and future-proofs operations.

These investments will contribute to the sector’s long-term sustainability, resilience, and competitiveness in a rapidly evolving energy landscape.