Gas in Industry

Natural gas is one of the energy sources used in industrial processes to fulfil the energy demand for a diverse range of applications, such as heating, cooling, electricity generation, mechanical power and transportation. Natural gas can be used both to produce goods and supply energy to the buildings that they are manufactured in.

Gas can be used to create heat, power, and steam, as well as in chemical processes.  It can provide industrial emission reductions when used instead of coal or oil, while other gaseous energies can help reduce emissions even further.

Optimising energy use and sourcing in these processes is crucial for improving efficiency, reducing costs, and minimising environmental impacts.

Decarbonising Industry

Every technology and energy source can contribute to achieving our ambitious climate goals. Beyond alternative sources of energy, carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) technologies for industrial uses are increasingly promising as they allow for reductions in carbon emissions as well as the repurposing of those emissions for other uses. The use of renewable gases of biological origin like biomethane in already-existing gaseous infrastructure also offer quick emissions reductions that, when combined with CCUS, could even lead to negative emissions (BECCUS).

Eurogas and Industry

The European Union is working hard to decarbonise industry by scaling up these alternatives through legislation in the Green Deal and the Net Zero Industry Act (NZIA). Eurogas has provided input to both of these initiatives to ensure that decarbonisation can be achieved sustainably while using all available solutions.

Eurogas has also recently signed the Antwerp Declaration, which calls for a European Industrial Deal to complement the Green Deal and keep high quality industrial jobs in Europe. The EU needs to remain innovative and competitive while it progresses in the Energy Transition. Gaseous solutions can help bridge the gap between decarbonisation and industrial competitiveness.

Eurogas is also a member of the European Net Zero Alliance (ENZA) which is a grouping of associations, including many industries like ceramics, paper and fertilizers, who are all committed to using the best energy mix to achieve the EU’s net zero ambitions. Eurogas works closely with all industrial stakeholders to deliver meaningful climate objectives.