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Molecules May 2022: It’s high time to move on CCUS, Victor Bernabeu, Eurogas

Diversification of supply and domestic production of natural, low carbon and renewable gases is now more important than ever. The recently published REPowerEU Communication makes that clear by outlining targets for biomethane and renewable hydrogen production. To scale up the biomethane and hydrogen markets these targets must be cemented in European legislation through Fit-for-55 and the Gas Package.


Eurogas Let’s Talk! Methane Emissions

We talked to Kick Sterkman, Global HSEQ Director at Neptune Energy, to get a better picture on what can be done to strengthen European security of gas supply, while staying on track with the energy transition.

Position Papers

A European Strategy for CCUS – Eurogas position Paper on CCUS

Eurogas welcomes the recent Communication from the European Commission (EC) on Sustainable carbon cycles and intention to develop a legislative framework for the certification of carbon removals by the end of 2022. This recent push for CCUS-dedicated ambitions and policies is a strong indicator of the renewed EU commitment toward CCUS.

Position Papers

Eurogas Position Paper on Joint Procurement of Natural Gas

Both the Communication on More Affordable, Sustainable and Secure Energy and the Draft Regulation on Security of Supply make reference to joint purchasing of gaseous fuels: natural gas, LNG and hydrogen. The current combination of high prices in the gas wholesale market and the war in Ukraine have driven political attention on to the issue of gas purchasing.