Position Paper

We need a binding biomethane target for 2030

Eurogas and 48 other organisations involved in the decarbonisation of the gas industry in Europe call on the European Union to include a binding 2030 target for the scaleup of biomethane in the Hydrogen and Gas Package.

As a carbon-neutral fuel that can be deployed in currently available infrastructure, biomethane proves itself as a useful tool that greatly contributes to the decarbonisation of the industry.

This legislation represents the last major avenue to introduce such a binding biomethane target into EU law with time to fulfil it before the 2030 deadline. This is an opportunity to take the currently recommended goal of 35bcm and truly incentivise it.

In addition, the signatories call for a wider binding EU-level target for the development of all renewable gases complemented by concrete measures to mandate the reduction of the greenhouse gas intensity of the gas mix by 2030.