Position Paper

NZIA should define Sustainable Alternative Fuels technologies as Strategic Net-Zero Technologies

Driven by EU policies, demand for Sustainable Alternative Fuels will rapidly rise in years to come, and – in the absence of a suitable domestic production capacity - supply shortages would force the EU to rely on foreign production. To ensure its energy security and independence, the Union must actively support the large-scale deployment of sustainable alternative fuels technologies and the development of resilient supply chains.

Eurogas and the co-signatories would like to convey the industry’s recommendation to ensure a consistent definition of Sustainable Alternative Fuels in the Net-Zero Industry Act, which would send a clear signal to the industry players, investors and innovators; encouraging them to focus
their efforts on the development and adoption of these environmentally friendly solutions.

Therefore, we call on policymakers to (a) ensure consistency with EU legislation and provide certainty to investors by aligning the definition of "Sustainable Alternative Fuels" to all fuels defined as sustainable by the Renewable Energy Directive (RED), and (b) include an explicit reference to Sustainable Alternative Fuels Technologies in the list of strategic net-zero technologies.