WATCH  | Securing gas supply for the upcoming winter season and beyond

For our most recent ‘Let’s Meet’, Eurogas held a webinar to discuss how Europe intends to secure the gas supply for the upcoming winter and beyond. Last year's supply during winter was significantly affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine, making this year's preparations even more important. For more information solely on the security of gas supply in 2022 watch our ‘Let’s Meet’ Rethinking Security of Gas Supply Webinar on YouTube. In this edition of ‘Let’s Meet’ we reviewed the measures taken last winter and discussed how to incorporate the gained knowledge to ensure gas supply security in Europe during the upcoming winter season.                                                                  

At the event Matthew Baldwin (Deputy Director-General, DG ENER, European Commission) held a keynote speech, which was followed by a discussion with Andrea Stegher (Vice President, International Gas Union), Majida Mourad (Chief of Staff & Senior Vice President of Federal Government Relations, Tellurian Inc.), Fabio Dubini (Executive Vice President Gas & Power Portfolio Management and Optimization, Edison) and Irina Kustova (Research Fellow, Centre for European Policy Studies).

Watch the webinar on YouTube, or read the re-cap via LinkedIn.