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Publication of the Decarbonised Gas Market Package

Eurogas: Gas Package a good start but a there is a long way to go

Brussels 15.12.21

Eurogas broadly welcomes the Decarbonised Gas Market Package, a landmark in decarbonisation efforts. At the same time the association notes the framework needs fine tuning to truly deliver the potential of a decarbonised gas sector.

James Watson, Eurogas Secretary General, commented, “The European Commission gets the message that gases are good for the energy transition, for industry and for households across Europe. Fundamentally, gases are a key part of Europe’s energy resources, so we need EU policies that help and don’t hinder the role of gas.”

Watson continued, “A number one priority is to turn up the heat on getting renewable and low carbon gases, such as hydrogen and biomethane, into our energy system. Industry is clamouring for more certainty from EU politicians so this can happen. There’s clearly an important role for gases within Europe’s Green Deal and we are still calling for an overall decarbonisation target of at least a 20% reduction of GHGs in the gas sector compared to 2018.”


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