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Investing in gaseous solutions ensures sustainable pathway for carbon neutrality

Brussels, 14 January 2020. The Just Transition Fund, presented by the European Commission today, must support the potential of gas to deliver carbon neutrality in the EU by 2050. Investments related to gas can make a significant and cost-effective contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions that would not otherwise be achievable.

Eurogas President, Philippe Sauquet, commented: “As part of the Green Deal, the Just Transition Fund should support all solutions that can help achieve the EU climate and energy objectives. Only through considering gaseous solutions in the framework of the Just Transition Fund can we ensure a Europe-wide fair, secure and sustainable energy system for all EU industries and citizens.”

He continued: “The focus of the Fund must therefore be on technologies that quickly support countries shifting from carbon intensive fuels to cleaner fuels, such as switching from coal to gas in power generation or funding for efficient small gas boiler heating systems.”

“Gas will also become increasingly important for reaching carbon neutrality in 2050, assuming a fit for purpose regulatory framework that supports the deployment of renewable and decarbonised gases,” concluded Philippe Sauquet.

Eurogas is a European gas industry association representing 48 companies and associations engaged in gas wholesale, retail and distribution in Europe.
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