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European Climate Law must develop a credible plan for scaling all gas decarbonisation options

Brussels, 3 March 2020. The European Climate Law, to be presented tomorrow, must set out a clear pathway for renewable and decarbonised gas towards 2050, with ambitious and realistic intermediary targets for 2030 and 2040. Maintaining Europe’s leadership in gas decarbonisation technologies will innovate businesses, increase public support for climate ambitions and secure jobs for Europeans.

Eurogas Secretary General, James Watson, said: “Eurogas fully supports the target for carbon neutrality by 2050 in the EU, this can only be achieved with the establishment of a serious framework for the decarbonisation of gas. Decarbonising the energy system is an opportunity for the EU, it gives Europe a chance to create jobs and wealth for European citizens, as long as we create a market for decarbonised gas.”

He continued: “A credible plan for scaling all decarbonisation options, including natural, renewable and decarbonised gas and CCS technologies, is integral to successfully delivering on the Climate Law. This law should pave the way for a binding EU-level target for renewable and decarbonised gas.”

Europe is home to pioneers in low-carbon technologies in the gas sector: electrolysers produce hydrogen, anaerobic digestors generate biogas, European companies manufacture LNG engines for ships, pyrolysis equipment and CCS components.

“Maintaining Europe’s leadership in these technologies will innovate businesses, increase the level of public support for our climate ambitions and secure high quality non-seasonal jobs for Europeans. The EU has a natural advantage for this dimension of the energy transition in gaseous fuels and should not squander this opportunity, as has happened with other sectors in the past,” he concluded.

Eurogas is a European gas industry association representing 48 companies and associations engaged in gas wholesale, retail and distribution in Europe.
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