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Eurogas urges the post-Covid-19 recovery plan to focus on the EU’s gas technologies

Brussels, 5 May 2020. The Covid-19 crisis should not compromise the EU’s efforts to tackle climate change. Investments in gas development and a new generation of gas technologies must be an integral part of the recovery plan. They help deliver on the Green Deal, secure Europe’s clean technological leadership and provide jobs for Europeans.

Eurogas President, Philippe Sauquet, commented: ‘The EU should plan for a recovery that achieves maximum impact: one that provides reliable energy supplies for relaunching EU industry, supports a resilient energy system, maintains European low carbon technological leadership, achieves our carbon neutrality goals, and secures jobs for all Europeans. Gas – natural, renewable and decarbonised – does exactly that.’

Security of supply, ensured by natural gas, remains crucial to achieve business continuity and has underpinned the energy response to the Covid-19 crisis. The reliability of gas infrastructure has been demonstrated, securing deliveries to all sectors of the economy during the crisis.

Once the EU has come out of lockdown it must accelerate the development of the new generation of gas technologies, as these are the clean technologies that Europe leads in global production of today. This includes electrolysers for hydrogen production, anaerobic digestors for biogas generation, LNG engines for ships, as well as pyrolysis equipment and CCS components.

Doing this will help decarbonise the EU energy system, while regaining Europe’s leadership in clean technology development and securing wealth and jobs for European citizens. This is a vital investment for the successful implementation of the Green Deal and the achievement of the EU’s climate ambitions.

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