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Eurogas sets ambition to develop a carbon neutral gas sector before 2050

Brussels, 25.05.21

Eurogas, the gas industry association representing 56 companies and associations engaged in gas wholesale, retail and distribution, has increased its ambition* to develop a carbon neutral gas sector before 2050.

Eurogas has an established commitment to 2050 carbon neutrality and is now increasing its ambition to achieve this sooner. A DNV study**, commissioned by Eurogas, has shown that this could be cost-effectively achieved not much later than 2045. Speaking at the Eurogas’ Annual Conference today, European Commission Executive Vice President Frans Timmermans noted: “The future is in carbon-free electricity and a decarbonised gas sector which embraces hydrogen as a new energy carrier”.

Eurogas President, Philippe Sauquet, presented the increased ambition saying: “Eurogas has increased its climate ambition and can state that we can achieve carbon neutrality in the gas sector before 2050. In fact, according to our recent DNV study, published in 2020, we can achieve it not much later than 2045. But of course, we can achieve this ambition only if the right measures and the right goals are set for the gas sector”.

With a view to achieving this, Eurogas continues to call for: binding targets for the reduction of green-house gas emissions from gas, and targets for volumes of renewable gas consumed in the EU by 2030; strengthened carbon pricing and, in the short term, transitionary measures through the Energy Taxation Directive; a clear pathway and a supportive regulatory framework to help address the issue of methane emissions more comprehensively across Europe; and a level playing field between technologies to leverage the potential of all viable decarbonisation options, based on a full life-cycle analysis.

*Statement on increased carbon neutrality ambition, Eurogas
**European Carbon Neutrality: The Importance of Gas, DNV

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