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Eurogas recognises pragmatism of Gas Directive compromise, but calls for clarity on application of laws

Brussels, 13 February 2019. Eurogas identifies the compromise text, as agreed by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union on 12 February, as a pragmatic solution to the negotiations on the Gas Directive Amendment.

Given the agreement of the Member States on the compromise text, Eurogas is pleased that after long negotiations, all legislators supported this as a practical outcome to extremely complex discussions. Clarity is needed on the application of laws in the case of potential conflict between Member State and the European Union laws, so as to provide investor certainty for all infrastructure projects covered by the amended Directive. It is also important that existing investment decisions are also not negatively impacted by the new amendment and that the principles of the Energy Charter Treaty are upheld.

Eurogas is a European gas industry association representing 44 companies and associations engaged in gas wholesale, retail and distribution in Europe.
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