Press Release

Eurogas calls for uptake of all technologies that underpin greater sustainability in the energy system

Brussels, 28 March 2019. Gas infrastructure will remain crucial for a successful decarbonisation of the economy.

Eurogas Secretary General, James Watson, commented: “Eurogas supports the aim of the Taxonomy Regulation of contributing to the investment climate in a way that promotes a viable and costefficient sustainable energy transition and underlines the benefits of technologies such as power to gas, CCUS and anaerobic digestion in creating a progressively sustainable energy system.”

He continued “Utilising the gas infrastructure has many benefits for several key economic activities in the EU industrial, manufacturing, agriculture and transport sectors, ensuring that energy prices are affordable for competitive EU industry and consumers. In this respect, we must ensure all technologies that fortify the fight against climate change are considered when defining the criteria for what is an environmentally sustainable economic activity.”

Eurogas is a European gas industry association representing 63 companies and associations engaged in gas wholesale, retail and distribution in Europe.
Press contact: Bronagh O’Hagan,