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EU industries call for renewable and decarbonised gas technology leadership in Covid-19 recovery plan

Brussels, 22 April 2020. EU industries, including energy technology manufacturers, energy providers – both gas and electricity, transport and research and innovation organisations, have urged the EU to make renewable and decarbonised gas a central pillar of the economic recovery plan for after the Covid-19 crisis.

Eurogas Secretary General, James Watson, commented: ‘The Covid-19 pandemic represents a major challenge for Europe. The best way to meet this challenge is to prioritise the Green Deal and place renewable and decarbonised gas technology development at the core of the recovery plan. The EU is best in class when it comes to such climate technologies, with a predominantly European-based value chain and there are huge employment and financial opportunities in this sector.’

Concentrating economic recovery on climate technology sectors where Europe is already leading – hydrogen, biogas, CCUS – will stimulate economic recovery, secure jobs and contribute to the energy transition. It will also provide Europe with export opportunities for its own climate technology, products, and services worldwide.

The signatories urge EU institutions and national governments to continue to support the EU climate neutrality target in 2050 and fully support the recent call by the European Commission to place the European Green Deal at the heart of the EU’s recovery plan, by putting EU renewable and decarbonised gas technology development, and its use, as a central pillar of the stimulus plan for the post Covid-19 period in Europe.

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