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Clean Gas Technologies recognised as key opportunities in the EU’s New Industrial Strategy

Brussels, 17.11.20

Clean gas technologies have been recognised for their ability to elevate Europe’s global climate leadership, in the Council conclusions on the European Industrial Strategy.

Eurogas Secretary General, James Watson, commented: ‘Fighting climate change is an opportunity for unlocking new EU manufacturing growth areas. The Council Conclusions do just that by recognising the important role of innovative gas decarbonisation technologies to bring wealth to Europe, secure high skilled non-seasonal jobs for European citizens, innovate EU businesses, and make Europe a climate leader in manufacturing and not only deploying clean tech.’

Europe leads on the production of anaerobic digestors that produce biomethane, while EU-manufactured electrolysers produce hydrogen from electricity for use in transport, industry, heating and power. Homegrown industries manufacture CCS components and pyrolysis equipment, as well as LNG engines and gas turbines.

Eurogas provides information on these opportunities in Gas Tech Talks – a series of conversations with industry experts on how clean gas technologies help create a climate-neutral future in Europe. Learn more here.

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