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CCS will play a vital role in delivering a net-zero emissions economy

Brussels, 07 February 2019. Commissioner Cañete, states CCS will play vital role in delivering a netzero emissions economy’ by 2050 in his recent speech at the EU-Norway Energy Conference.

Commissioner Cañete confirmed natural gas and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) will be central to achieving a competitive and climate-neutral economy, notably in closing the circle for the energy intensive sectors for which other solutions for decarbonisation do not exist. Moreover, combined with renewable biomass, CCS could create negative emissions compensating for remaining CO2.

Eurogas Secretary General, James Watson, commented: “The future of gas is exciting and offers the EU a huge chance for technology and industrial leadership in the fight against climate change, through the use of renewable gases and CCS. Gas also offers the flexibility that can complement increasingly variable electricity generation and will therefore remain an important component of the EU’s energy mix beyond 2050.”

The Commission also announced a major innovation conference which will discuss natural gas and CCS as part of the solution, taking place in Oslo, Norway in September.

Eurogas is a European gas industry association representing 44 companies and associations engaged in gas wholesale, retail and distribution in Europe.
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