Eurogas Welcomes New Member: Greenture

Greenture is the subsidiary of  Snam (the Italian gas TSO) that develops merchant infrastructures for new decarbonised molecules (biomethane and bio-LNG, green hydrogen and CO2). We have recently joined Eurogas in order to support its advocacy for a decarbonised transport sector.

Why is Greenture joining Eurogas?
Greenture strongly believes that decarbonised molecules play an important role in the energy transition and that the development of a legislative framework favourable to bio-fuels and biomethane is a necessary precondition to achieve challenging decarbonisation objectives.

Eurogas' goals and actions correspond perfectly to this mission.

Who is Greenture?
Founded in 2017, Greenture (previously known as Snam4Mobility) have played an important role in the development of the downstream L-CNG segment. More recently, Greenture has increased its commitment in the midstream energy arena (such as liquefaction plants, truck loading and vessel reloading infrastructures, etc.), with the aim to increase the availability of LNG and bio-LNG in Italy.

In terms of downstream infrastructures deployed, today in Italy there are ~150 L-CNG operational refuelling stations. We expect that, due to the expected increase in demand, this network will grow to 500 stations by 2030. Greenture plans to contribute to this growth by realising up to 70 LNG stations, reaching therefore 10-15% market share. Furthermore, we see the opportunity to directly invest in off-grid bio-LNG applications for industrial and residential users.

In the midstream arena, Greenture has consolidated its commitment in the small-scale LNG business, starting the realisation of two projects aiming to increase the offer of (bio)LNG for final applications:

  • the upgrading of Panigaglia regasification terminal, in the province of La Spezia, that will be ready by the end of 2024 and that will allow truck loading for the distribution of +200k tonnes per year of LNG and bio-LNG for road and off-grid applications
  • the construction of a Liquefaction Plant connected to the national gas-grid in Campania, in the South of Italy, with a LNG production capacity of 50k tonnes per year, that will be operational in the second half of 2025 and will be the first facility able to provide bioLNG in southern Italy

To sum up, Greenture, in order to make Snam’s impact in favour of energy transition even larger, is committed to promote sustainable road and marine mobility through downstream construction and to develop new areas of the value chain in the midstream business of Small Scale LNG.