Eurogas Welcomes New Member: Air Products

Air Products, world leader in the production of hydrogen and key player on the industrial gases market, recently joined Eurogas.

What are Air Products’ ambitions globally and in Europe?
Air Products is a leading industrial gas company and the first producer of hydrogen in the world. The company already has a strong footprint in Europe and is a major actor in some of the most promising low-carbon projects, such as the Porthos CO2 Transport and Storage project in the Netherlands. Building on more than 80 years of experience in the hydrogen business and a wide portfolio of technologies, we provide state-of-the-art solutions for the industry and mobility. We have so far committed $15 billion to clean energy projects that will accelerate the energy transition globally. NEOM Green Hydrogen Company, our flagship Joint Venture with NEOM and ACWA Power, completed its financial close in 2023. This will be the world’s largest renewable hydrogen facility, able to deliver 600 tons/day of RFNBO-certified green hydrogen to the UK and European markets.

What does Air Products see as the main challenges in the coming years?
The energy transition has reached a new phase: the implementing phase. Major investments will need to be triggered in the coming decade to reach our climate objectives. The Fit-for-55 package sends clear market signals, in particular to the energy sector and heavy industry, but we should not let uncertainty around its implementation slow down the momentum it has created. The same goes for the emergence of a liquid hydrogen market. As frontrunners on renewable hydrogen, we are in a unique position to contribute to the rapid implementation of EU law in Member States.

Looking beyond what we have achieved so far, we also believe that the next frontier in the energy transition will be carbon management. As a major actor in capture and utilization, and a partner of industries using CO2, we welcome this new – or renewed – interest in CCU and CCS and will strive to stir the debate in the right direction. Acknowledging the full role of carbon capture as a climate solution is a logical next step for Europe.

Finally, as a global actor, we have observed with great interest the international dynamics created by the adoption of the Inflation Reduction Act and EU Green Deal. A main challenge of the next decade will be bringing other major economies to the table.

Why is Air Products joining Eurogas?
Eurogas has been a respected organization and a valuable contributor to EU and national policies since 1990. Like Eurogas, we are dedicated to helping build an open, well-functioning market for hydrogen in Europe and globally. Eurogas will undoubtedly benefit from a member with worldwide experience in producing and supplying hydrogen to a wide range of end-users.

We look forward to contributing to the work on the implementation of the Fit-for-55 Package, and to push for further well-designed regulatory incentives for decarbonization.