Eurogas Welcomes New Member: ABB Analytical

ABB Analytical: Contributing our competitive edge to future-proof the gas market

ABB Analytical is pleased – and proud – to become a part of the esteemed Eurogas association. By joining forces with the group’s 100+ members from across Europe, we look forward to contributing our voice, expertise, and solutions to accelerate the transition to a low carbon society.

At ABB, we develop, manufacture, and supply innovative and leading-edge scientific analytical instruments for real-time, accurate and reliable measurements to help our customers overcome their technical challenges in a wide range of applications in the chemical, cement, natural gas, offshore and upstream oil and gas, and hydrogen industries. Thanks to our broad portfolio of analytical solutions tailored to sector-specific needs, we are actively engaged in industry-leading initiatives to identify and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions wherever they arise.

The pernicious challenges posed by methane are hardly new to this audience. With 84 times the warming potential of carbon dioxide, methane emissions have increased two-and-a-half-fold since pre-industrial times. Natural gas is the largest contributor of these emissions, making natural gas leak detection a front-line target to achieve atmospheric methane emissions reduction of 30 percent by 2030 in accordance with the Global Methane Pledge signed by over 100 countries at COP26. With a distinguished track record spanning over two decades, ABB’s off-axis integrated cavity output spectroscopy (OA-ICOS™) represents a disruptive technology for natural gas leak detection and methane emissions monitoring. ABB has revolutionized the field, by providing unrivaled reliability, accuracy, speed, and sensitivity while offering increased robustness against physical shocks, vibration, and temperature and pressure variations.

The Instrumentation Excellence Awards 2023 recognized our suite of natural gas leak detection solutions leveraging OA-ICOS technology. The ABB MobileGuard™, HoverGuard™ and MicroGuard™ solutions ensure that, no matter where a gas leak emanates from, it can be detected, mapped, and quantified with unrivalled accuracy and speed. Mounted on vehicles, UAVs, or carried by hand, they have been shown to be up to ten times faster than traditional technologies and 1000 times more sensitive, allowing surveyors to find more leaks faster and more reliably than ever.

Furthermore, ABB Analytical has been, for more than 20 years, at the forefront of remote sensing of greenhouse gas emissions from satellites orbiting the planet. From their distant vantage point, optical sensors on satellites continuously monitor methane emissions, providing image resolutions 100 times higher than competing technologies. The ability to accurately identify and quantify source emissions where they arise is crucial in helping countries and industries meet their emissions reductions targets and meet the reporting requirements set by EU regulations and the OGMP 2.0 initiative.

ABB Analytical innovative technologies and expertise have earned us international recognition. In 2023, Frost & Sullivan, a global consulting firm, recognized our commitment to support industrial decarbonization through our industry-leading portfolio of intelligent instrumentation and gas analyzers. By offering high-quality, digitally enabled products and solutions for measuring processes and greenhouse gas emissions, detecting gas leaks, and optimizing production, our solutions drive cost-effective compliance and long-term efficiency.

By joining Eurogas, we are reinforcing our commitment to leverage our innovative emissions monitoring and gas leak detection technologies to accelerate Europe’s sustainable transition. We wholeheartedly thank Eurogas for the seat at the table and look forward to a constructive dialog and effective action on the ground as we work together to increasingly decarbonize the European gas market.



Business Line Manager, Analytical