Eurogas Let’s Talk! with Eva Hennig

Why do we need blending? What are the roadblocks for decarbonising distribution networks? Watch the Let’s Talk DSOs video with Eva Hennig from Thüga to find out.

DSOs are distribution system operators. In the gas sector, they deliver to homes and businesses. They play an important role in the integration of biomethane into the gas supply – as most of the one thousand biomethane plants in Europe are connected directly to the distribution grid. This quality makes them a crucial player in decarbonising heating.

DSOs are also driving hydrogen scale up. Ready4H2 is an exciting project connecting DSOs across Europe. Their aim is to bring us closer to a 100% hydrogen distribution system. As revealed by their first report, most DSOs are 90% hydrogen ready. Now, the group is working on a roadmap for the transformation of existing infrastructure from methane to hydrogen. Investing in these active networks can result in billions of savings during the energy transition. Read Ready4H2’s latest report to find out more.

Watch the video