Press Release

Eurogas’ Annual Regional Conference: Discussing Decarbonisation and Energy Security in Slovenia

Representatives of key stakeholders in the European energy sector gathered in Ljubljana, Slovenia for Eurogas’ Annual Regional Conference to discuss the future of gaseous energy, an important topic, especially given the current geopolitical context. This year, the Annual Regional Conference took place with the kind support of Geoplin, a Slovenian supplier of natural gas active in the country and region.

Ljubljana, 15 March 2024 – To reach our climate goals, we will have to take advantage of a variety of solutions, across the board. For decarbonising the energy sector, renewable and low-carbon fuels will play an important role in the global energy mix. Of these, renewable fuels are beneficial because they can be readily applied in already-existing infrastructure. Natural gas also has several advantages, such as relatively clean combustion, easy production, and broad applicability. These solutions can be used for heating homes, transportation and electricity generation, as well as in industrial processes. They have thus been recognised as key sources for the transition to net-zero GHG emissions in 2050. The Annual Renewable Conference stressed the importance of regional cooperation and strategies for the diversification of energy sources, which can help reduce dependence on single suppliers and improve European energy security. Experts agreed that only through cooperation between governments, industry, and civil society can the formulation of policies and strategies for a decarbonised future for gas be achieved.