Press Release

Eurogas and NGVA Europe join forces to decarbonise European road transport.

Eurogas and NGVA Europe are unifying their voice on transport topics after years of close collaboration developing common positions.

The recent Green Deal legislative package has confirmed the increasing importance of gaseous fuels for decarbonising transport, particularly in the areas of road and maritime transport. In this context NGVA Europe is merging with Eurogas to improve understanding of the possibilities for biomethane, hydrogen and natural gas to deliver decarbonisation of transport as society moves away from oil.

Moving forward, Eurogas will continue to provide knowledge on the decarbonisation of the gas sector, the optimal usage of gases in the energy mix and the role of gas in transport, as well as coordinate with all actors in the g-mobility value chain to maximise the efficiency of emissions reductions.

This alignment strengthens Eurogas activities on transport topics and will deliver a more holistic perspective on the role of gaseous fuels in the European economy more broadly. For stakeholders there will be now one voice to engage with on gaseous fuel matters in Europe.

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