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E.U. and U.S. gas sector leaders: Action needed now on climate and costs in energy diversification

Corrected 22:57, 14.02.23

Washington D.C., 14.02.23: E.U. and U.S gas sector leaders met today to discuss the additional 50bcm of LNG pledged in the March 2022 Joint U.S.-E.U. Declaration on Energy Security. The two organisations have presented a set of recommendations in today’s Joint Statement on Progress Towards an Additional 50bcm of LNG from the United States to the European Union.

Didier Holleaux, President of Eurogas, commented: “While progress has been achieved, there is work to do to deliver tonnes of U.S. LNG to replace Russian gas. Policy makers on both sides of the Atlantic can support us in these efforts. We urgently need a framework to address key points such as reducing emissions and stabilising prices”.

Fred H. Hutchison, President and CEO of LNG Allies, The USLNG Association, added: “The U.S. has an opportunity to support the E.U. through the energy crisis as Russia’s war against Ukraine continues. Now is the time to remove red tape and offer real assistance to our European counterparts. Next winter will come far too quickly. We must move faster to contract volumes and prepare the necessary infrastructure, including for increasing volumes of natural gas, biomethane, and eventually hydrogen.”


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About Eurogas: Eurogas is an association of 69 companies and associations. Our members cover wholesale and retail gas markets, and the distribution of natural gas, biomethane and hydrogen. We also work with companies active on gases for vehicles, and on value chain methane emissions management. Eurogas accelerates the transition to climate neutrality through dialogue and advocacy on optimising the use of gases.

About LNG Allies: The USLNG Association — operating under the global brand name of LNG Allies — is the only independent organization focused solely on advancing the interests of the USLNG industry. We are a 501(c)(6) nonprofit trade association. Our members include USLNG exporters and project developers, U.S. natural gas producers, and allied service companies, including engineering firms, equipment makers, and global gas infrastructure providers. Our mission is to help bring the climate, environmental, economic, and geostrategic benefits of USLNG to the world.