5 questions with Svetlana Bochkova, Senior Policy Advisor

Svetlana, how did you end up working as a senior policy professional at Eurogas?

I was always fascinated by the role that energy plays in geopolitics. After my bachelor’s degree in political science, I decided to pursue a dual master’s degree in international security and energy policy. It enabled me to learn more about the concept of energy security and EU-Russia relations. I wrote my thesis about the energy security implications of the phasing-out of the Groningen gas field in the Benelux countries. Subsequently, I was able to pursue work on the conversion of L-gas (low calorific gas) to H-gas (high calorific gas) in Belgium by working for the transmission system operator Fluxys. I enjoyed working on commercial and technical topics in natural gas and LNG transport and storage. By joining Eurogas as a senior policy advisor, I wanted to connect this industry knowledge with European affairs which I studied in university.

What would you advise the new generation of young professionals just beginning their careers?
It can be overwhelming to decide on a career path given the endless possibilities. I would advise my peers to see their careers as a journey to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for their professional and personal growth. The starting point is to be honest with yourself about your goals and values. Once this is cleared, trust in your abilities, do your best and remain open-minded about the opportunities that will come along.

What would you like to achieve in the next five or so years in your career?
I would like to broaden my knowledge about the energy sector and European affairs, starting with transport policies. I have the chance to be surrounded by technical and regulatory experts on these topics. I will do my best to make the most out of it! In five years, I would like to have enough confidence to shape the dialogue on the ways to reach carbon neutrality.

If you could share one message with European leaders in a personal capacity, what would it be?
I support the European Green Deal's objectives of reaching climate neutrality without leaving any person or place behind. I believe that it's really important to build policies based on expert knowledge from various sectors and horizons. And I really hope that regulation doesn't close any doors to solutions that could help achieve climate objectives.

Lastly, what would you like to achieve by the time you hang your hat up and retire?
I would like to be proud of having played a tiny part in achieving climate ambitions and a better future for the generations to come. I would like to have used my skills in the places where they bring the most added value. And finally, I would like to have made strong connections with great people along the way.