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Eurogas Annual Regional Conference ‘Slovenia: Securing gas supply and decarbonisation’

The Eurogas Annual Regional Conference ‘Slovenia: Securing gas supply and decarbonisation’ took place on 15 March 2024 at BRDO Congress Centre (Slovenia).

The event offered the opportunity to reflect on the state of play of the Slovenian gas market and highlight the strong connection between decarbonisation and security of supply in the region, with a special focus on the role of regional integration and diversification of supply sources and on the region’s potential for renewable and low-carbon fuels.


Opening speeches
Matija Bitenc, General Manager, Geoplin
Didier Holleaux, President, Eurogas

Keynote speeches
Bojan Kumer, Slovenian Minister of the Environment, Climate and Energy
Monika Zsigri, Global demand and international negotiations, DG ENER, European Commission
MEP Franc Bogovič, Member of the European Parliament

Panel 1 and Q&A – Securing gas supply for Slovenia and the region
Clara Poletti, Chair of the Board of Regulators, ACER
Metod Podkrižnik, Member of the Management Board, Petrol
Ivan Fugaš, Director, LNG Hrvatska
Boyana Achovski, Secretary General, Gas Infrastructure Europe

Panel 2 and Q&A– A transition towards decarbonisation
Gregor Skender, Energy Attaché, Permanent Representation of Slovenia to the EU
Marko Ileršič, Senior Consultant, Plinovodi
Lea Lavrič, Head of Development, KOTO
Ewa Abramiuk-Lété, General Manager, Liquid Gas Europe

Closing remarks
James Watson, Secretary General, Eurogas

The conference was moderated by Igor E. Bergant, Journalist & TV host