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Molecules September 2022: Hydrogen Island Öhringen: Workplace of the Future with Netze

Renewable gases like hydrogen and biomethane are front and centre of decarbonisation discussions, from REPowerEU to the State of the Energy Union. There is widespread recognition of their crucial role in re-establishing energy security and phasing out coal and oil. Scaling up decentralised renewable energy production and maximising the use of the existing system is more important than ever.


Molecules September 2022: Editorial – Bronagh O’Hagan, Eurogas External Relations Director

Welcome back to Molecules newsletter, the first after the summer break. There has been a lot going on, not least work around policy measures. While we refer to those in the context of the emergency, we must also keep an eye on the long-term needs. That’s on my mind not just because of the mechanisms being discussed, but also because I joined the plenary session of the Sectoral Social Dialogue for Gas this week.