Molecules – The Eurogas Newsletter (December 2021)

Editorial: Bronagh O’Hagan, Communications Director Dear readers, December has seen the launch of the Decarbonised Gas Market Package, we’ve joined the Sustainable Biomethane Alliance, welcomed

Gas in Maritime Transport, Eurogas Factsheet

Did you know that compared to conventional maritime fuels, LNG reduces sulphur oxides (SOx) emissions to near-zero? It also reduces nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particular

Hydrogen and decarbonised gas market package

Eurogas calls for a progressive gas decarbonisation package, which enables gaseous energy and its infrastructure to be the building block for a cost-effective and successful

Eurogas Position Paper on Carbon Pricing

Eurogas is committed to achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement and supports the Commission’s long-term vision of a carbon neutral economy by 2050. To