A European Strategy for CCUS – Eurogas position Paper on CCUS

Eurogas welcomes the recent Communication from the European Commission (EC) on Sustainable carbon cycles and intention to develop a legislative framework for the certification of carbon removals by the end of 2022. This recent push for CCUS-dedicated ambitions and policies is a strong indicator of the renewed EU commitment toward CCUS.

Molecules April 2022: Editorial – Didier Holleaux, Eurogas President 

At this time, my thoughts, and those of everyone in Eurogas, are with the people of Ukraine. As difficult as it may be, it is imperative that we look at this situation head on. We are in constant contact with our member Naftogaz and we are deeply moved by their courage and resilience.

Molecules April 2022: The Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation can help us deliver decarbonisation and security of supply, Victor Bernabeu, Eurogas

Last year’s Fit for 55 package brought important legislation that will aid decarbonisation of the gas sector. Among those is the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR). The goal of the AFIR is to promote the deployment of alternative fuels by investing and developing the infrastructure necessary for their scale-up.

Eurogas Position Paper on Joint Procurement of Natural Gas

Both the Communication on More Affordable, Sustainable and Secure Energy and the Draft Regulation on Security of Supply make reference to joint purchasing of gaseous fuels: natural gas, LNG and hydrogen. The current combination of high prices in the gas wholesale market and the war in Ukraine have driven political attention on to the issue of gas purchasing.

Joint associations position on support for well-functioning energy markets

Energy markets are experiencing price levels and price volatility that have no historical precedent. Access to short-term liquidity or guarantees provided by public entities and extension of eligible collateral will maintain the functioning of EU energy markets in times of extreme wholesale price development.

Eurogas position on ‘minimum gas storage obligations’

Eurogas recognises that the current market dynamics emerging from the geopolitical situation requires particular attention. The negative summer/winter spread limits incentives for market participants to put gas into storage and may not provide sufficient incentives for suppliers to factor in possibly security of supply risks.

Eurogas Let’s Talk! with Zoltan Elek

Renewable and low carbon gases will help us decarbonise and diversify our energy supply. The European Commission recognised their potential by proposing a 2030 target for 35bcm of biomethane in REPowerEU. To scale up these gases, targets need to be cemented in legislation.

Eurogas Let’s Talk! with Eva Hennig

Why do we need blending? What are the roadblocks for decarbonising distribution networks? Watch the Let’s Talk DSOs video with Eva Hennig from Thüga to find out.