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Molecules – The Eurogas Newsletter (November 2021)

Editorial: Bronagh O’Hagan, Communications Director

Dear readers,

Welcome to the November issue of Molecules. With the end of the year approaching, we have things to wrap up and 2022’s work kicking in with the Decarbonised Gas Market Package publication in December.

With many important subjects to consider, we’ve launched the Eurogas Let’s Talk series. We’ll be talking to stakeholders in the energy sector and industries about important issues we’re facing in our decarbonisations efforts. Watch the first Eurogas Let’s Talk with our President, Didier Holleaux, discussing energy prices.

Earlier this month, we travelled to Athens for our first Eurogas Annual Regional Conference ‘Greece: The Energy Transition and the Role of Gas’. We discussed the importance of coal to gas switching and regional specificities for the energy transition in Greece. We heard from the Greek Energy Minister, Kostas Skrekas and MEP Maria Spyraki. Huge thanks go out to our member DEPA Commercial for co-hosting this important event. You can find a short summary by Marta Gostynska below or watch the full conference here.

This month, the International Group of Liquefied Natural Gas Importers (GIIGNL)  launched a new framework to provide a common source of best practices in the monitoring and reporting of GHG emissions, as well as promoting a consistent approach to GHG emissions reductions and mitigation, including CO2 and methane. On the same theme, we published a Gas in Maritime factsheet this month. We included a snapshot of the facts below, but if you haven’t had a chance, have a read now to find out why LNG and other gaseous solutions are crucial to reducing emissions from maritime transport.

And lastly, on 16 December, we’ll be hosting a Eurogas Let’s Meet! event ‘Moving forward with Gas Decarbonisation’. We’ll discuss the new gas package and its impact on the decarbonisation of the gas sector. Here are more details and registrations. Hope to see lots of our readers tuning in then.

With best wishes,


Let’s Talk with Didier Holleaux, President of Eurogas

In the first of Eurogas Let’s Talk series, Didier Holleaux, discussed energy prices with our Communications Director, Bronagh O’Hagan.

Decarbonising Greece: Marta Gostynska, Policy Communications Advisor

Earlier this month, we travelled to Athens for our 1st Annual Regional Conference: ‘Greece: The Energy Transition and the role of Gas’. We heard from stakeholders in the country on how natural, low carbon and decarbonised gases can enable and accelerate a cost-effective energy transition.

Our President, Didier Holleaux, outlined the need for a policy framework to decarbonise the gas sector, including targets for renewable and low carbon gas in the upcoming gas package. He also noted that Greece is showing how gases contribute to decarbonisation and other EU countries can follow this path.

Ioannis Papadopoulos, the chairman of the Board of Directors at DEPA Commercial, our host, opened the conference explaining how the company plans to be the driver of energy transition in Greece.

Their projects, POSEIDON MED II and BLUE HUBS, which focus on creating LNG infrastructure in the Eastern Mediterranean, are only the beginning of their decarbonisation efforts. They are also the leader of the WHITE DRAGON project, an EU-led initiative, that will scale up the production and use of blue and green hydrogen.

WHITE DRAGON was also highlighted by policy makers. MEP Maria Spyraki referred to it as the key driver of lignite phase-out in Greece. She also took the opportunity to call for improved action on methane emissions.

In his intervention, the Greek Minister for Energy and Environment, Kostas Skrekas, reiterated the value of coal to gas switching, reflecting on the need for a pragmatic approach to natural gas in the sustainable finance taxonomy.

The two panels concentrated on the specificities of the gas market and the potential of renewable and low carbon gases. Our panellists recognised that on top of a consistent EU policy framework, we need to build a competitive and liquid internal EU market for all gases and ensure strong consumer protection. In case you haven’t had a chance to read them yet, here are our recommendations for the upcoming decarbonised gas market package.

If you missed the conference or would like to watch it again, you can find the full recording here, along with speakers’ presentations.

Marta Gostynska
Policy Communications Advisor

Gas in Maritime Transport, Eurogas Factsheet

Did you know that compared to conventional maritime fuels, LNG reduces sulphur oxides (SOx) emissions to near-zero? It also reduces nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particular matter by more than 90%. This is why we are calling for increased focus on LNG, bioLNG and eLNG to reduce emissions from maritime transport.

With the industry constantly working on reducing methane emissions along the supply chain, the switch to LNG from fuel oils would result in 20% emissions reductions. Blending with bioLNG and eLNG can push that number further. Although more will still be needed, these possible gains, along with the potential of gas infrastructure for renewable and low carbon gas, should be reflected in the policy framework.

If you haven’t had a chance yet, read our ‘Gas in maritime’ factsheet to find out more.

Events – Coming up

Enlit 2021 | 30 November – 2 December 2021

Enlit is the new unifying brand for Clarion Energy’s worldwide series of Utility Week and POWERGEN events.

At the physical European event, the Enlit community will come together for three days in Milan from 30 November – 2 December 2021 to meet and inspire each other and to develop their discussions and actions into a plan for the coming year. And so the Enlit circle begins: a constantly growing, inclusive and end-to-end forum that addresses every aspect of Europe’s energy transition.
Connect. Inspire. Evolve.
For further information on Enlit Europe, please see here.

Eurogas is pleased to be a partner at Enlit 2021. Eurogas will speak at this event.
Meet Eurogas at the booth 12.G60!

System integration in practice, by European Net Zero Alliance | 8 December 2021 (14:00-15:30 CET)

Through a tour of Europe, the online event will showcase 6 projects that are contributing to the decarbonisation in Europe – which is at the heart of the European Net Zero Alliance (ENZA). These projects are run by companies that are members of the associations which make up ENZA.

Find more information on the programme and the registration here.
Eurogas is pleased to be a member of the European Net Zero Alliance (ENZA).

Digitalisation of gas distribution networks: a key enabler for the energy transition | 9 December 2021 (09:30-11:00 CET)

GEODECEDECGD4S and Eurogas are pleased to present you a webinar on ‘Digitalisation of gas distribution networks: a key enabler for the energy transition’ taking place online on 9 December 2021, 09:30-11:00 (CET).

The event will address how innovative digital technologies are contributing to the decarbonisation of Europe, delivering the objectives of carbon neutrality before 2050 and the benefit such technologies bring to the EU in terms of clean tech industrial leadership.

See the programme here and join the conversation!

gat | wat 2021

The annual congress gat | wat is the leading event of the energy associations in Germany, namely BDEW and DVGW and includes participants from political parties, energy and water industry, suppliers and consultancies.

25 October-12 December 2021, online
24-25 November 2021, Köln

Further information on this event is available here.
Eurogas is pleased to be a partner at the gat | wat 2021.

Let’s Meet! Moving forward with Gas Decarbonisation | 16 December 2021 (09:30-10:30 CET)

This online Let’s Meet! event will look to address the revision of the EU rules on gas and hydrogen to ensure that the gas market framework is in line with the EU ambition to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.