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Molecules June 2022: Workplace of the future with GGND: We Talk – Knowledge Sharing

In May 2022, Galp Gás Natural Distribuição (GGND) launched a new in-house initiative aimed at raising awareness and broadening knowledge. This covers several strategic topics for the company in its current phase of transformation and aims to strengthen its position in the market.

Our Strategy and Energy Transition Department is our radar for the latest regulatory and policy developments. From these ongoing efforts, we came to understand the need to communicate upcoming changes across the business. As a result, our Human Resources and Communications teams have collaborated to devise a “pipeline” for information sharing and debate, which will strengthen our role as a leader in the Energy Transition.

WE Talk – Knowledge Sharing is a series of monthly conversations and debates on relevant issues. These are identified by the different departments and focus on where workforce preparation and readiness will be most important. We want to spark fruitful discussions, which will set the course for action and improve communication between business areas. This initiative is motivated by our determination to change, innovate and contribute to the Energy Transition.

We are more than just a network operator. We have been built over the years by the brilliance of our employees and their devotion to the company. We value their contribution and understand that we all need to work together to achieve our common objectives. To get there, we believe in transparency in our communication. Our skilled workforce will be an informed, driving force in the transition to renewable gases.

The first We Talk! focused on the Hydrogen and Decarbonised Gas Package. We explained the detail of the proposal put forward by the European Commission and reflected on the impacts that it will have on our business as Distribution System Operators. Our aim for these sessions is to introduce the topics, then have critical reflections on the matter. To that end, we mesh the insights of one of our in-house experts with an external speaker and allow ample time for the participants to ask questions or comment. We are very grateful to Eva Hennig, Head of Brussels office and Department of EU Energy Policy at Thüga AG and Chair of Eurogas Distribution Committee for supporting our efforts. We’re very grateful she was a speaker at our first session.

Ongoing legislative revisions could be a turning point for the uptake of renewable and low-carbon gases, for instance hydrogen and biomethane. We decided not to shy away from sharing the positives, as well as the elements that stray from existing gas market rules or pose a challenge to our activities.

The initiative has been extremely well-received and welcomed by our people thus far and it has revived their enthusiasm and curiosity as well as strengthened communication.

At a time of profound organisational and business change, we are dedicated to providing our most valuable asset – our workforce – with the knowledge that enables them to keep up with the evolution of the company and the market.

Nevin Alija
Head of EU Affairs
Galp Gás Natural Distribuição (GGND)