Eurogas Policy Paper on Energy System Integration: A Consultation Response

Eurogas is fully committed to achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement and supports the European Commission’s long-term vision of a carbon neutral economy by 2050. Eurogas advocates for an energy transition that delivers a diversified, economically, and environmentally
sustainable energy mix, that guarantees security of supply, and that allows Europe’s competitive industries to continue to thrive.

Climate neutrality and the deep decarbonisation of EU’s economy requires a fundamental restructuring of cross-sectoral energy use. It requires carbon neutral and carbon negative energy vectors, and increased interlinkages between energy carries and economic value chains: industry,
mobility, heating, and agriculture. The energy transition cannot succeed by policy measures that seek to decarbonise sectors in isolation of each other. A holistic and technology neutral approach for mature technologies, while fostering the development of commercially non-mature
technologies, is primary for climate neutrality to be a success.