Eurogas feedback on a European Metrology Partnership

Eurogas would like to welcome the roadmap looking at establishing a European Metrology Partnership in the context of Horizon Europe and the possibility to provide input at this early stage.

The document notes the importance of metrology as “the science and traceability of measurements, is crucial for today’s high-tech world. Metrology plays a part in every aspect of life. Increasingly precise, reliable measurements are essential to drive innovation and economic growth in the EU’s knowledgebased economy”. Considering metering is a central aspect in the energy sector, and as new dynamics are appearing in the gas sector due to sectoral integration, conversion of electricity into hydrogen/methane and decentralized production of biomethane, the science of metrology is a necessary pillar to support future developments.

  1. Horizon Europe and its predecessor, Horizon 2020, are crucial tools in the development of adequate technological solutions to help solve the issues which the EU and its Member State currently struggle with. Funding may help develop new solutions, notably in the gas sector, which can help the decarbonisation effort and tackling climate change.
  2. The roadmap underlines the importance of metrology and notes that “Metrology is also needed to evaluate the potential of any ground-breaking technology likely to contribute to reaching the sustainable development goals related to global challenges”. The need for adequate metrology units, that are comparable across Europe and can facilitate precise and comprehensive measurements and conversion are crucial with regards to technologies like Power-to-Gas.
  3. In energy, and notably for Distribution System Operators, but also in relation to wholesale and retail activities, clear measurements are crucial. Cross-border transferability and compatibility make the need for a clearly defined metrology even more clear cut.
  4. Taking the above into account, it must be recalled that individual countries and individual systems will have their own specificities. Although harmonization and cross-border compatibility is the aim, any measure drastically affecting the measurement systems used in certain countries should be the object of a comprehensive impact assessment before any proposals are made. Furthermore, we call on the responsible services in the Commission to take stock of existing work being done by other services on metrology to ensure cross-pollination between initiatives.
  5. Moreover, clarifying how an exercise which would tackle metrology as an overarching topic rather than by sector, would be tackled would be welcome, as metrology in the energy sector will be fundamentally different than metrology in other areas such as healthcare.
  6. Finally, clarifications would be welcome with regards to the ultimate goal of the program, as the current description could point to the setting up of a metrology agency, particularly as option 2 points to an exit strategy which could be correlated with an agency option. If this is the case, an impact assessment would be most welcome, particularly with regards to national specificities.

We wish to underline that Eurogas and its experts remain available for any further questions or clarification and that we look forward to providing feedback to the final report.