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Molecules November 2022: To decarbonise the buildings sector, we need a “bottom-up” approach

As work continues in Brussels on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EBPD), this month Eurogas joined 14 other associations in the energy sector, buildings sector, and groups representing small- and medium-sized businesses, to issue our latest joint paper. In the position paper, we look at the need for a “bottom-up” approach to decarbonising buildings in the EU – one that works for local authorities, consumers, as well as local suppliers and producers. Together we’re pursuing cost-effective ways to create a carbon-neutral buildings sector.


Joint Open Letter on the revision of the GHG Protocol’s Reporting Principles

The co-signatory organisations wish to raise serious concerns to the European Commission about the new draft “Land Sector and Removals Guidance” under development within the GHG Protocol (GHGP) Standard. The new draft Guidance prevents corporate users from using market-based instruments to report reduced GHG emissions from biomethane consumption and as a result can hurt the European Union’s efforts to develop 35 bcm of domestic biomethane production by 2030.