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Eurogas response to the Communication on "The Future of Carbon Capture and Storage in Europe"

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CCS will remain an important option to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, particularly in the medium and long term. As energy efficiency gains are offset by further electrification, particularly in the heating and transport sectors, more electricity may be needed on balance in the future.


Don't hesitate in moving ahead with the 2030 framework, says Eurogas

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We are confident that the 2030 framework, if well designed, can lead the EU into a low-carbon energy future without sacrificing competitiveness or security of supply,” says Beate Raabe, Secretary General of Eurogas following submission of the association’s response, on 2 July 2013, to the Green Paper “A 2030 framework for climate and energy policies.


European electricity & gas sector welcomes adoption of anti-VAT-fraud package by ECOFIN Council

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As a group of ten European electricity & gas associations, comprising regulators, exchanges, brokers, clearing houses, transmission system operators, energy trading firms, utilities and guarantee of origin issuing bodies, we highly welcome today’s adoption of the anti-VAT-fraud package by the ECOFIN Council at its last meeting under the current Irish Council Presidency. This constitutes a major step towards the eradication of VAT fraud in the electricity and gas markets in Europe.



EU to work harder to make low-carbon energy future a reality

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Urgent action is needed to enable Europe to make the transition to a low-carbon energy future and remain a frontrunner in climate change. This was the overarching message of today’s Eurogas Annual Conference.


Eurogas Position Paper on the Internal Energy Market

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Eurogas strongly supports the need for a well-functioning EU energy market that provides a level playing field and delivers an outcome of successful energy competition in which the energy industry can respond to new opportunities, and consumers can benefit from access to a market that is reliable, affordable and easy to understand, while the most vulnerable are protected.


Eurogas Statement on the OECD report on Fossil fuel subsidies

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In 2011, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) published its first report entitled “Inventory of estimated budgetary support and tax expenditures for fossil fuels” 1 and released its update in February 2013.


Eurogas welcomes the Green Paper but more concrete action is needed

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Investment in the much-needed low-carbon technologies is not forthcoming. Biogas and natural gas offer a real and valuable contribution to Europe’s energy supply and the environment, and although millions of customers appreciate and enjoy the fuel’s cleanliness and convenience, new investment is low. The Green Paper on “A 2030 Framework for Climate and Energy Policies” published by the Commission on 27 March 2013 goes a long way in addressing this.


European electricity & gas sector strongly supports anti-VAT fraud measures

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European electricity & gas sector strongly supports anti-VAT fraud measures proposed by the European Commission and the Irish Council Presidency.


Eurogas welcomes ETS back-loading decision

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Gas will be critical for the transformation of the energy system


Climate policy in Europe does not recognise advantages of gas

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“Climate policy in Europe does not recognise advantages of gas,” says Eurogas


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