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Diversity of sources and routes are the most sustainable way of ensuring energy supply. The EU should leave no doubt to its external suppliers that imports will continue to be needed, and foster indigenous production at the same time. Given the long lead time for projects and long investment cycles, a clear long-term energy and climate policy should guide and assure financiers. Security of supply legislation should continue to be implemented to address emergencies. Eurogas is particularly involved in the EU-Russia energy dialogue and is a member of the Gas Coordination Group.

EU-Russia Energy Dialogue: Thematic Groups and Gas Advisory Council

The EU-Russia Energy Dialogue, which was established in 2000, is organised via different expert groups that report to the Energy Commissioner and the Energy Minister of the Russian Federation. Eurogas is a member of Energy Markets and Strategies Group, the Energy Efficiency and Innovations Group and the Gas Advisory Council.

External energy policy

In 2011, the Commission issued a Communication on the subject, which Eurogas very much welcomed as an important contribution to recognising the role of gas imports to the EU and the need for partnership with third countries in this and other energy matters.

Decision establishing a mechanism for the exchange of information between Member States and the Commission on intergovernmental agreements in the field of energy

The Decision covers intergovernmental agreements that have an impact on the operation or functioning of the internal energy market or on the security of energy supply. Eurogas supports the protection of both and is satisfied that the Decision excludes commercial contracts. Their content is subject to competition law and should be strictly data-protected. 

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