Eurogas Statistical Report 2012

Statistics, Publications

Eurogas Statistical Report 2012: data for year 2011 and 2010


Eurogas Activity Report 2011-2012


Gas is being rediscovered. Eurogas is ready to guide our members through this new and challenging era, working together with them to change the energy system of today. For a better tomorrow. For all of us.


Eurogas Brochure Gas Fuel for the Future

Internal market, Publications

Europe’s energy and climate policies aim at three objectives, each of which is vital in its own right, and all of which must work together.



Eurogas Statistical Report 2011

Statistics, Publications

Eurogas Statistical Report 2011: data for year 2010 and 2009


Eurogas Roadmap 2050 — summary

Publications, Statistics

The Eurogas Roadmap 2050 is aimed at showing one of the possible pathways to achieve the 80% target by reducing emissions in all energy related sectors.


Eurogas now has a YouTube channel!

We now have our own YouTube channel. It is in the early stages so more videos will be added in the coming months.

In the meantime, check out our latest animation “Gas: Europe's smart choice for heating”, share it and subscribe.

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