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Press Release on infrastructure Package

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Brussels, 19 October 2011 - Eurogas welcomes the Commission’s Infrastructure Package and more particularly the Commission’s Proposal for an Energy Infrastructure Regulation, which recognizes the essential role of gas in Europe’s energy mix and the importance of ensuring timely development of gas infrastructure across the European Union and its neighbourhood. We support the Regulation proposals to promote the needed infrastructure “to meet the Union's core energy policy objectives of competitiveness, sustainability and security of supply.”


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Internal market, Press releases

Tomorrow’s European energy policy will be focused on a sustainable combination of various forms of energy in response to the needs of EU consumers. It will be optimized with more efficient use of energy, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and achieving security of supply objectives on a cost-efficient basis.


Eurogas views on a Conceptual Model for a European Gas Market

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Eurogas has welcomed the opportunity to engage in the consultation process on a nonbinding gas market model. 


Eurogas Response to the Public Consultation on Permitting for infrastructure

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Eurogas supports the Commission views on making it easier to build infrastructure, with regard to permitting procedures, further clarification on effective costs allocation
between users and beneficiaries (in particular for cross-border projects) and, if appropriate, further regional coordination using the right platforms involving the relevant stakeholders and decision makers.


Eurogas position on infrastructure package

Internal market, Press releases

Infrastructure Package: Need for Consistency with Business Realities Eurogas Position


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Marina Demidova

Communications Manager

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