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Eurogas Statistical Report 2011

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Eurogas Statistical Report 2011: data for year 2010 and 2009


Eurogas Roadmap 2050 — summary

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The Eurogas Roadmap 2050 is aimed at showing one of the possible pathways to achieve the 80% target by reducing emissions in all energy related sectors.


Eurogas Roadmap 2050 — Explanatory note

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This study by Eurogas sets out to describe what Europe?s energy balance might look like in 2050, while achieving an 80% reduction of domestic greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) in the EU, compared with 1990, as proposed by the European Commission in the “Roadmap for moving to a low-carbon economy in 2050”.


Eurogas Statistical Report 2010

Statistics, Publications

Eurogas Statistical Report 2010: data for year 2009 and 2008


Eurogas Long Term Outlook 2007-2030

Publications, Statistics

Given the economic crisis and greater focus of energy policy on energy efficiency and renewables, expectations in respect of gas demand in the medium to long term are now lower than three years ago.


Making the energy transition happen!


Marina Demidova

Communications Manager

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