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Recommendations for incentivising innovation in the gas DSO sector

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Elusive energy - A brief look into the problem and solution of energy storage

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Eurogas feedback to European Commission review of CCS Directive

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Eurogas response to the Communication on "The Future of Carbon Capture and Storage in Europe"

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CCS will remain an important option to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, particularly in the medium and long term. As energy efficiency gains are offset by further electrification, particularly in the heating and transport sectors, more electricity may be needed on balance in the future.


Innovative uses of natural gas

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New technologies – cars, buses, trucks and ships that run on natural gas and biomethane, high efficiency home heating systems that can also produce electricity, hydrogen and biogas - can already today make a large contribution to tomorrow’s low carbon economy.


Making the energy transition happen!


Marina Demidova

Communications Manager

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