Our mission, vision, objectives

Our mission

Eurogas was founded in 1990 as a non-profit organisation to represent the interests of the gas industry in one strong voice towards European and global stakeholders.

Its 44 members currently comprise companies, national associations and international organisations all engaged in the wholesale, retail and distribution of gas in Europe. 

The association aims to strengthen the role of gas in the energy mix by establishing an ongoing dialogue with European industry players, global producers of gas and relevant institutions such as the European Commission.

Eurogas is part of the EU Transparency Register: 17909506129-41

Our vision

Our vision is for a robust European gas market that encourages competitiveness, supports security of supply, delivers benefits to customers, stimulates energy efficiency and plays a significant role in reducing CO2 emissions.

Our objectives

The main objectives of Eurogas are to:

  • Strengthen the role of gas in the European energy mix.
  • Promote the smooth functioning of the European internal gas market.
  • Provide structured support to our members on EU policy issues relevant to gas interests.

The objectives of Eurogas as set out in the statutes as follows:

  • To promote the interests of its membership, companies, national federations and associations involved in the supply, trading and distribution of gas and related activities such as storage and LNG.
  • To promote the development of gas in Europe particularly in the legal, economic, technical and scientific areas to prepare studies therefore and to promote cooperation within the gas industry.

  • To promote the smooth functioning of the internal gas market and to undertake, in its field of competence, any activity which may contribute to the sustainable development of Europe.

  • To help improve knowledge of gas, of its performances and its use in Europe and to contribute to a wide circulation of this knowledge.

  • To take a stance on issues of common interest to the European gas industry with respect to international and supra-national organisations, including, but not limited to, the European Institutions, and to public opinion.

  • To promote the exchange of information and points of view on gas issues of general interest between all the public and private players and the representatives of the European gas industry, namely companies that operate on the gas markets as well as national federations and other associations representing the interests of the gas industry.

  • To carry out any other activities that could aim at the objectives mentioned in this article.
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