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You can apply for Eurogas membership provided you meet the following criteria:

  • Your main decision-making centre is in a European country.
  • You support the achievement of the Eurogas objectives.
  • You engage in a significant manner in the European gas market, in one or more of the following activities: wholesale, retail or distribution of gas.
  • You are a national association or federation representing gas interests in a European country.
  • You are a European or international association representing the interests of industries active in a sector of the gas market in a European country.

Calculating your membership fees

Different membership fees apply for companies and associations as indicated below.


Eurogas membership fees for companies are calculated in two parts: one part relates to global turnover in million EUR and a second part relates to gas sales in Europe in terawatt hours (TWh).
The first part links specified ranges of global turnover in euros to different fee levels. The second part links specified ranges of gas sales in Europe in TWh to different fee levels.



Gas sales


From To From To
150 001 + 56 000 601 59 000
80 001 150 000 50 000 91 600 53 000
601 80 000 38 300 0 90 35 300

Flat fees

From To
401 600
17 500
0 400 10 000

The overall fee is the total of the parts.
Example: A company with EUR 1 908 million turnover and 28 TWh in gas sales should pay:
EUR 38 300 + EUR 35 300 = EUR 73 600.


For associations, specified ranges of their members' gas sales in Europe in Peta Joules (PJ) are linked to different fee levels.

Gas sales of members in PJ

1 601+68 300
4011 60060 900
10140053 500
010035 000

Technical & non-EU/EFTA members: Flat fee of EUR 5 000.

Distribution companies: Flat fee of EUR 5 000.

Liaising members

Associations, companies and federations that do not fulfil the conditions for regular membership but are in other ways direct participants of the gas value chain and support the achievement of Eurogas’ objectives. 



For information regarding membership fees or to join

Please contact us by sending an e-mail at eurogas[at]

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